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The Clio mobile app is the personal assistant you can take anywhere, giving you access to essential firm data. With these new features, it’s even better.

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With a staggering 90% of lawyers utilizing their smartphones to complete work-related tasks, the need for an intuitive, accessible and feature-rich mobile practice management app has never been greater. With necessary mobile legal tasks running the gamut from time tracking to calendaring to document management, modern legal professionals need an app that can help them manage frequently complex workflows and tasks in a swift and simple way that won’t distract them from the task at hand.

In our six-year evolution from ‘mobile-optimized website’ (RIP) to our first generation iOS and Android apps, we’ve spent a lot of time observing how legal professionals use the app most frequently, which features give them the most headaches, and which they couldn’t live without. Our goal is to make the Clio mobile app your essential personal assistant that can give you access to your firm’s data and help you manage operations without being tied to a desk—and with this, the most extensive update since our initial app launch, we think we’re one step closer to achieving that.

So, what’s new?

Home View

You can now get a better scope of your firm’s most pressing demands in an instant. Your new Home View offers a list of pertinent items for events, tasks, and recently updated matters. It’s the first thing you see when you open the app, giving you instant access to your most time-sensitive items, and the data you need to inform your decisions.

Tab Bar Navigation

We’re doing away with sidebar navigation in favor of a tab-style navigation at the bottom of your screen. The new format is always visible on every page, ensuring you get the quickest access to what you need. It also preserves activity between tabs. This means that if you’re viewing a page deep in your matter info—and you need to navigate away to your calendar for quick reference—when you return to your matter’s tab, you’ll be back to where you left off.

Global Create Button

It used to be that you could only create new entries in the page you were currently viewing. Now, you can create any entry from any page in the mobile app—including matters, contacts, documents, secure messages, time entries, tasks, calendar events, expenses, or notes. This means that when you’re in a matter, you can create a time entry with the matter field already populated. When your desired action is completed, you are instantly directed back to your original screen. This is currently exclusively available on iOS, with an Android release on the way.

Advanced Tasks

Task management at your firm just got injected with a new level of sophistication. With the new advanced tasks update, you can label tasks using fields for the type of task, status, and time estimation—helping you set goals and track productivity. You can then filter and sort your task lists according to each label, unlocking a whole new dynamic to your workflow. This Elite feature is complemented by the latest desktop version of the app, where you can create progress and productivity reports by user.

Enhanced Sort and Filter

Access to data is crucial, but large data volumes can be overwhelming. Now, you can apply two separate limiting factors to give you the most precise search results, helping you find what you need faster and more efficiently. Tap the updated Filter button to apply search parameters, and then sort results according to their status, associated matter, priority, or assignee.

Explore New Features in Clio’s Mobile App

New features are available to all Clio mobile app users on both iOS and Android platforms. Not a Clio mobile app user? Learn more.

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